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The district and its employees do not promote, advocate or advise students or parents on any issue of activism.  Parents have a right and a responsibility to discuss issues of activism with their children as all children, regardless of age, have a Constitutional first amendment right of free speech. Student safety and security is the highest priority of the Cheboygan Area Schools.
The students who participated in the 17 minute protest on March 14, in recognition of the 17 victims in the Parkland, Florida shooting, were dignified, responsible, appropriate, respectful and non-disruptive of the educational programing. These students demonstrated a responsible means to exercise their First Amendment Freedom of Speech on an issue which directly impacts their lives and feelings of security.
The District will be reviewing its policies on organized student protests in the future.
Policy 5720:  It is the policy of the Board of Education to encourage students to express opinions and ideas, take stands, and support policies, publicly or privately, orally and in writing.  Students may be given the opportunity for expression through established school media.  Such expression should not interfere with the educational program or present a health or safety hazard.  Students may advocate change of law or school regulations and pursue their advocacy by due process.  Students may not use obscenity, slanderous, or libelous statements, or disruptive tactics, or advocate violation of the law or school regulations.
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